Combatting hunger together


Volunteer Opportunities

We have several options available for our volunteers to actively participate in the rescue, pick-up and delivery of food to receiving organizations to help feed the unhoused and food insecure individuals and families throughout San Diego.  No matter the activity, you will make a huge impact on helping us meet our mission.


Transport rescued food from donating organizations to help feed unhoused and food insecure individuals, families, and veterans in need. As a volunteer driver for Miles 4 Meals, you will drive to a pick-up location in your car and transport rescued food to local agencies. “Pick-up” locations will vary around downtown San Diego and “Drop-off” locations are typically within 5-10 miles of pick-up.  Depending on the type of food rescued for the day, Miles 4 Meals will supply necessary food containers, including temperature regulated bins. 

Food defender – Tool-up:

Volunteer as a food rescuer to help transfer prepared or pre-packaged food from the pick-up location.  Activities include transferring prepared food from their original containers or trays to Miles 4 Meals provided containers, labelling containers with food item and date packaged, and transferring labelled containers to the Miles 4 Meals delivery truck and/or volunteer driver vehicles.

Food Rescuer – Drop-off:

Help retrieve the food containers from the Mile 4 Meals delivery truck and/or volunteer driver vehicles and distribute them to the receiving organization.  Activities include transferring food containers to the destination site (e.g. kitchen, meal service designated area, etc.) within the receiving organization, helping the receiving organization set-up for meal service for the rescued food, and discarding any trash to designated garbage and recycle bins.  Depending on the receiving food organization, drop-off volunteers may be required to sign-in and sign-out when visiting the location.